Let us clean your furniture!

There’s no denying it, you probably spend a lot more time lounging in your furniture than lying around on your carpet. And when you do so, body oils collect on the furniture, which in turn attract dirt. Sure, vacuuming is helpful but it is pretty limited on what it can accomplish. Here at Omni Carpet Cleaning, we can clean an extensive variety of fabrics. So let us do the work for you because after all, there is nothing more comfortable than freshly cleaned furniture!
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Pet Odor Removal
Many households have pets. They are a terrific addition to the family. However, these loveable animals do sometimes have accidents.  We specialize in pet odor removal. For a small extra charge, we use a bacterial enzyme product that consumes the bacteria that causes the odor problem.  So we just don’t mask the odor; we destroy it at the source!